As the 2024 presidential and congressional elections approach (yes, this early), it is time to begin making our choices. Luckily, because the two major political parties are so ideologically far apart, this should be quite easy.

All we need to do is to identify the words or phrases the candidates use. Here are some that identify a candidate who is unfit to hold office. Let’s start with “inclusion,” which seems to mean that males can use women’s bathrooms. “Equity” is a nefarious one because it confuses equal outcomes with merit. “Climate change” falsely suggests that humans can control the world’s weather. Other words and phrases that identify a dangerous and disillusioned candidate are “gender binary,” “diversity,” “intersectionality,” “toxic masculinity,” “cisgender” and “systemic racism.” There are other woke notions, but this list gives a good idea of whom to dismiss immediately.
Looking at the other side, here are words and phrases that represent the foundations of a good and honest government. The candidate using these terms should at least be considered. They include “God,” “All men are created equal,” “liberty,” “truth,” “safety,” “happiness,” “life,” “freedom,” “divine providence” and “honor.” Each of these can be found in America’s Declaration of Independence.

Of course, it is naive to suggest that use of these terms guarantees that a candidate will legislate or govern wisely. But it is a sure thing that a woke candidate’s platitudes will spell disaster. A recent Fox News poll found that 81% of Americans see our country as “a dysfunctional family that is breaking apart” — up 10 percentage points from two years ago, when an inept and corrupt president, along with a supportive, lapdog Democratic Congress, was elected. It is time for a change. God bless America.


Annapolis, Maryland

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