Affirmative action should be a relic. It was created to jump-start equity that should have evolved into equality, but it was enshrined and made permanent. As a result, it is entitlement. This monster divides people into groups and reduces culture to the lowest common denominator. The age of Aquarius has arrived.

Ever wonder what became of the flower children’s children from the communes of the 1960s? Well, they’ve come of age, and we’re living it, because they want us to share their lifestyle. Global warming and reparations are now a state religion. And like all religions, they’re unquestionable. They have no deity, so basic humanity suffers.

People on the political right who have never used the other halves of their brains are watching the political left and wondering what’s happening. The left either sees legitimate problems or makes them up, then tries to solve them with illegitimate, illegal, immoral and half-baked answers. The right and the rest of us are left stupefied. Unless you’re rich enough, you are a victim.

We need leaders on both sides to right wrongs and lead. Stop deifying affirmative action and unite us.


Grand Junction, Colorado

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