It is disappointing to me that movie theater chain AMC has faced intense pushback over its plan to charge a premium price for what are considered to be the best seats in its theaters (“AMC Theatres to premiere new seating price tiers: Cheaper up front, more expensive in the middle,” Web, Feb. 7). 

Actor Elijah Wood is among those who have severely taken AMC to task. He bemoans the fact that, in his view, the plan renders theaters an undemocratic space, to which I say, “Nonsense.”

Many individuals live in sought-after neighborhoods in fine homes. They dress well and fashionably. They shop at the best stores and purchase choice foods. They dine out often. They purchase the best seats at performances, including sports events and concerts. They stay in fine hotels and fly first class to get to them.

Yet most people cannot afford such niceties. This is the way it has always been. Many people, including the hardworking, never reach Easy Street. Life is simply not fair. Equal outcomes are not assured, nor should they be.

Perhaps Mr. Wood would like to begin a fund from the millions of dollars that he has accumulated through his acting career to return all movie theaters to temples of democracy and equality.

Finally, a note to Congress: Please do not begin an investigation of AMC. There is no problem here.


Peters Township, Pennsylvania

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