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Friday, September 23, 2022


Cadets at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado are being told to stop using words like “mom” and “dad” to describe their moms and dads because “some families” have “two moms, two dads” and so forth and it’s best to “include all genders” — even the made-up ones, apparently — according to documents from a diversity and inclusiveness slide presentation.

It’s yet another example of America’s woke military.

It’d be funny if it weren’t so detrimental to national security.

From Insider, this headline — “US Air Force leaders worry about stealth jet advantage over China.”

And likewise, this — from the South China Morning Post: “US Air Force general says more fighter jets are needed to deter China.”

Yet the pencil pushers at the Pentagon want to occupy the minds of military members with such training classes as this — “Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do.”

Cadets are being conditioned to rethink how they speak; reevaluate how they think — so as not to offend.

“What do people call themselves? When in doubt, ask,” one slide question read.

“Recognize diverse family formation: [Use] ‘parents/caregivers/guardians’ instead of ‘Mom and Dad,’” another slide suggestion read.

“Not ‘Colorblind’ or ‘I don’t see color’ or ‘we’re all just people,” another slide section warned. “Not Jokes at subordinate’s expense (nicknames). Not the ’N,’ ‘R,’ or ‘F’ words, nor ‘Terrorist’ (for nationality; it happened.”

And then this: “Most importantly, model humility when you get it wrong,” the slide said.

It’s nice cadets are being taught to be nice.

But it’d be even nicer if cadets were being taught to kill the enemy.

After all, in the general scheme of things, most Americans wouldn’t care if their Air Force pilots dropped a few f-bombs along with their bombs — so long as the bombs hit their targets and did their damage. Did the pilots who launched air strikes in Iraq and Syria tell fellow mission members, “hope you guys stay safe” rather than “hope you fellow squaddies stay safe?” Who cares.

Who gives an “F.” 

Oops. There goes another bureaucrat, off to write some more ridiculous rules.

If it were only the Air Force, maybe America’s military wouldn’t be in such dire condition. After all, of the four main branches — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines — it’s always the Air Force that takes the beating as the least hard-core of the bunch. 

Everybody knows that.

They practically walk their P.T.

“Though there are a multitude of factors to consider, most agree that the easiest military branch overall is the Air Force,” Operation Military Kids wrote

But the pansy effect is hitting at all of America’s military services.

“The Defense Department,” the Heritage Foundation wrote back in May, 2021, “is now reportedly considering hiring a private company to monitor the free speech of military personnel on social media, using key words or algorithms that by their very nature reflect the perspective of those who select the words and write the algorithms.”

Remember: it’s this administration, this Joe Biden presidency, that put forth the idea that it’s a “patriotic duty” to get the Covid-19 shots. It’s this administration, this Joe Biden presidency, that has been busily attacking all-things-MAGA, all-things-Donald-Trump as semi-fascist and dangers to the nation. 

“Military Has Spent 6 Million Man-Hours on ‘Woke’ Training Under Biden,” Sen. Roger Wicker’s webpage reported in February.

From AEI, this past May: “The Navy’s Woke Training Undermines Readiness.”

From Breitbart, this past June: “U.S. Marine Corps Goes Woke, Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ with Rainbow Bullets.”

And now, guess what.

Recruitment levels are down — way down.

“This year,” wrote Rep. Brian Mast, on his congressional webpage, “the U.S. military is facing the biggest recruiting shortfall IN DECADES. In fact, it’s the first time the military recruitment has been this low since the military got rid of the draft in 1973.”

That’s not to say all the blame goes to woke military policies. There’s that little matter of the forced Covid-19 shot, for instance. There’s that little matter of the growing weight problem of the younger generations and their inability to meet physical standards, for another. And there’s that whole waiver process for ADHD youth who take medication that likely complicates, slows or outright prevents the signing on the dotted line, for yet another.

But diversity and tolerance bullcrap certainly can’t help with ranks’ issue.

Who wants to join the military out of patriotic pride, honor and duty for America, only to be told such patriotism is racist, and oh yeah, quit calling your roommate a man?

“PLA Air Force unveils armed reconnaissance drone unit in NW China,” Global Times just reported, of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

America’s military should be concerned with that — not this: “[Use] ‘transgender people/service members’ [in place of] ‘transgenders.’”

Wars aren’t won with words.

Military forces don’t fight with flash cards.

This White House needs to get serious about America’s fighting forces, but quick. It’s only a matter of time before governments hostile to America exploit the weakness of our going-woke military branches. Pansies are for planting, not fighting.

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