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New York Attorney General Letitia James just filed a 200-page-plus lawsuit against Donald Trump, three of his children — Don Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Eric Trump — and the Trump Organization, alleging all were involved in a ten-year fraud to inflate the value of properties so as to gain financially.

Wow. Why are the Democrats so bent on destroying this family?

You’d think Donald Trump was running for president or something. (Or, in anti-Trump grammar geek lingo: were. All the more to keep the scenario hypothetical, dontcha know.)

Anyhow: The more Democrats persecute Trump and his family, the more Democrats reveal only their fear of Trump.

“Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations,” The New York Times just wrote, citing an internal poll conducted with the help of Siena College.

The piece opens this way: “The American public’s views of former President Donald J. Trump have remained remarkably stable across a number of different measures in recent months.”


The NYTs means investigations — and by that, of course, it’s meant fabricated investigations.

The January 6 matter and the ridiculously biased yawners of congressional commission hearings. The Mar-a-Lago raid and rifling through Melania Trump’s clothing closets. The newly invigorated sexual assault allegations of writer E. Jean Carroll, who accused Trump in a 2019 book of accosting her — back in 1994 — and who has now been helped in rolling a lawsuit against him forward with the coincidentally timely passage of New York’s Adult Survivor’s Act, a bill that stretches the timeline for civil suits involving sex-based allegations. Trump denies her accusations — but so what? The media circus show is chugging into town. Truth isn’t so much a matter as good television and juicy soundbites.

“Where 6 Investigations Into Donald Trump Stand,” The New York Times helpfully just wrote.

“The former president finds himself without the power of the presidency, staring at a host of prosecutors and lawyers who have him and his associates in their sights,” the newspaper went on to write.

Bankruptcy would be good — but jail time even better. The trophy of all trophies? Adjacent cells for Trump and Florida’s Ron DeSantis. Trump’s persecutors are actually MAGA’s persecutors, are actually patriotic Americans’ persecutors.

James’ lawsuit is not criminal; rather, civil. But the end result would be a serious ding to the Trump family’s business dealings. If she were to prevail, the named Trump entities would be barred from buying land or obtaining loans in New York for five years.

The Democrats only have to keep it up for the next couple, though — just enough to make voters run scared from Republicans this November, and again in 2024.

By then, the whole Great Reset globalist vision to cripple America with China-like economic policies will have had time to grow and spread.

By then, America should be sufficiently cleansed of its deplorable conservative politics.

“The bulls— Des witch-hunt continues!” Trump Jr. tweeted, of the civil suit.

Well, yeah.

That’s the only way Democrats can win elections.

They know it, the Trumps know it, the American people know it.

“More than 40% in US do not believe Biden legitimately won the 2020 presidential election,” The Guardian wrote in January, citing an Axios-Momentive survey.

Democrats are doing whatever they can to distract from the dismal presidency of this administration and the even more dismal leadership of the Democrat Party. It’s open season on MAGA Trump.

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