President Biden has “assured” the American public that the recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act — which he and the Democratic Party championed — will reduce the federal deficit by $300 billion over the next decade (“Biden celebrates passage of $740B anti-inflation bill amid grim economic news,” Web, Sept. 13). But if the American public has learned anything from observing this president and administration in action, they will assess the credibility of this latest assurance within the context of the many other “assurances” the president has given us.

Let us recall his inaugural address: “My whole soul … [is in this] … Bringing America together. Uniting our people. And uniting our nation.” Yet last month he characterized as “semi-fascist” the 74 million Americans who voted for his opponent. This president just can’t seem to resist the divisive instincts he cultivated from practicing identity politics for 30 years. But I digress.

During his first foreign policy crisis, Biden assured the American people that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was “proceeding in a secure and orderly way.” And when it all blew up in his face,  shocking our allies and delighting our enemies, he assured us the withdrawal had been an “extraordinary success.”

This is the same president who assured us inflation was “transitory,” who continues to assure us the southern border is “secure,” who assures us his administration is not at war with the fossil fuel industry, who assured us he and son, Hunter Biden, “never discussed” the business dealings the son made with Chinese Communist Party officials. It’s the same man who assures us that increasing government spending will “cool” inflation, that a nuclear deal with Iran would prevent that country from building a nuclear device, that the rising totalitarian Communist Chinese regime is not a serious threat to our nation.

The smart assessment of this president’s assurances is disbelief.  And that goes for those made regarding the so-called Inflation Reduction Act.  


Abingdon, Maryland

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