Historically, governors who win big in their midterms (Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush) make strong presidential candidates. In my view, there is no better example than Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

Mr. DeWine knows how to win elections. With nearly 63% of the overall vote this year and more total votes than any other gubernatorial candidate in Ohio history, DeWine handily secured his second term in the governor’s seat.  

What’s more, with high levels of name recognition and support from both Republicans and Democrats, the DeWine brand is strong and scandal-free.  

From the first day I met him when we served together in the U.S. Senate in the mid-1990s, it was clear that Mr. DeWine was there to make a difference and get things done. He’s no different today.

Under his strong fiscal management, Ohio has cut personal income taxes by $3.6 billion and earned a AAA bond rating, giving the state its highest-ever credit rating. Mr. DeWine has been a staunch supporter of manufacturing in Ohio, aggressively pursuing and securing game-changing economic development opportunities, from Intel Corp.’s decision to locate its newest semiconductor plant just outside of Columbus to Honda and Ford expanding EV and battery facilities elsewhere in the state. 

Mr. DeWine understands that for America to succeed, we must make things here at home, re-shoring jobs and production so that this country never again relies on China. 

Sometimes you choose public service, and sometimes it chooses you. This is the case with Mr. DeWine. It’s time for the GOP to back Mr. DeWine, end the extremism and bring some stability and sensibility back to the party.

U.S. SEN. LARRY PRESSLER, South Dakota (retired)

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