In his 21 months in office, President Biden has spent no fewer than 246 days in Delaware. Yet he has not spent one day at the southern border, the excuse being that his presidential calendar does not allow for such a visit. 

But Mr. Biden‘s agenda, of course, is an open border. It has been his policy since day one of this administration. In the meantime, drug cartels spread their influence in the region. They reap millions of dollars each week from their illegal drug and human trafficking. Mr. Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas smugly ignore the the strategic importance of this national security issue. The latter blatantly lies and says the southern border is secure.   

Mr. Biden‘s demented hatred of Donald Trump and Mr. Trump’s border policies are principally why the border is now such a catastrophic national security mess. Meanwhile, America’s cultural and societal degeneration continues, all because of Mr. Biden‘s pathological obsession with Mr. Trump.  

Only two things can be said of this White House occupant: He is the worst and most incompetent individual to have occupied the Oval Office in the history of the United States. Second, he is personally disgusting.


Terre Haute, Indiana

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