Attorney General Merrick Garland’s choice of special counsel Jack Smith for a supposedly nonpartisan criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump amounts to obstruction of Congress’ ability to investigate the Biden crime family, plain and simple (“Doubts emerge on impartiality of counsel let loose on Trump,” Page 1, Nov. 23). It’s time for Congress to take back the power FDR gave the executive branch and return checks and balances.

This is a constitutional crisis, period. It’s all part of former President Barack Obama’s third term and attempt to “fundamentally transform” us into a Marxist/Maoist, third-world hellhole. They’re going for a one-party state, destruction of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, the erasure of our history and sacred traditions, including the rule of law (see Jan. 6 defendants). The D.C. nomenklatura are doing well (see FTX et al.). The rest of us, not so much. But that’s a feature of the new system, not a bug.

Just pick up a copy of the the Weather Underground’s “Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialism” and it will all make sense.


Eloy, Arizona 

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