I don’t think people understand what is really going on with China’s seemingly heroic efforts to eradicate COVID-19 (“China’s Guangzhou locks down millions in ‘zero-COVID’ fight,” Web, Nov. 21).

COVID-19 is a gift sent by Mao Tse Tung from beyond the grave to Xi Jinping, China’s current dictator. Mao locked down the country during the long Cultural Revolution while he consolidated absolute power. Mr. Xi is getting practice doing the same.

Vladimir Lenin pioneered the original playbook whereby the Communist dictator declares a “new economic policy” or “glasnost” whenever the people get tired of the dictator’s unfulfilled economic promises. Party leaders invite capitalist investment to buoy up the mess they have created by promising they are ready to turn away from totalitarianism.

Once capitalist nations like the U.S. rebuild the economic infrastructure, the dictator locks the country back down into Communist feudalism for another 50-year dark age.


Woods Cross, Utah

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