As Tom Basile writes in “Donald Trump’s incredible shrinking electoral map” (Web, Nov. 18), discrediting election deniers is working well. Many GOP candidates lost in the recent midterm elections because they mentioned vote fraud. Well, we’re told that’s why, because everyone knows our elections are honest. Not even the Wall Street Journal dares question that self-evident truth. As intended, the Journal’s pundits take fright at presidential hopeful Trump’s chances in 2024.

Latin America calls this ploy “scaring people with the dead man’s sleeping mat.” It suggests that the scarers fear that the dead man may not really be dead. Moreover, the Democrats’ desperate crusade to destroy Mr. Trump betrays their abject terror of running against him.

Squandering could be the Democratic Party’s middle name. With two years to go before any primary, it’s just like them to fire all their ammunition too soon.


Irvington, Virginia

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