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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

The SEC Network almost had a Will Smith Oscar’s moment on Saturday during one of its halftime shows when analyst Peter Burns made a joke about fellow analyst Ben Watson’s wife.

A video of the painfully awkward incident went viral on social media, as Watson walked off set and then looked visibly upset after Burns joked about the former NFL tight end’s wife. 

The joking began when Burns, who was wearing a dark-colored suit like his other two co-hosts, asked Watson if he didn’t get “the memo” about everyone wearing dark suits. 

“As long as I get a text from my wife that says I look good,” joked Watson, who was wearing a light blue suit. “Send me the text, baby. Send me the text.”

Burns then fired back: “That’s not the text she sent me.”

Once the show returned from a commercial break, Burns and Watson weren’t sitting at the desk. When Watson returned, host Chris Doering jokingly asked Watson: “Did you have [Burns] keep your wife’s name out of his mouth?” 

Watson then sat down and slammed his phone on the table. 

“We’ll see how Peter Burns is with that smart mouth in the second half,” Doering said. 

Watson then asked Burns for an apology, especially for his wife. Burns then quote tweeted someone who downplayed the incident and gave Watson and his wife a public apology.

“While it was a joke, the truth is that I crossed the line, you should never joke about family so that I owe a public apology to Ben & Kirsten 100%,” Burns wrote. “@BenjaminSWatson couldn’t have handled it better with his humor and class. We all good & proud to call him a friend & coworker.”

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