I’ve let all sorts of pundits spout off on the 2022 election, while objectively endeavoring to figure out what really happened. The youth vote was the second-highest on record (thanks to that last-minute “quid pro quo” promise of student-loan relief). An avalanche of abortion coverage scared many youth into believing they’d lose their freedom if they had to use protection as tens of millions of actual adults do.

Can someone please tell me what any of the above has to do with Donald Trump, who almost everyone seems to feel the need to excoriate in rank, partisan tones? To be fair, I checked in with some people who would walk on coals for former President Trump. In reaction to the “Young Kin” and “DeSanctimonious” nicknames Mr. Trump bestowed, the reactions were fast and heartfelt: “Why did he do that? He needs to keep quiet, at least until after the Georgia runoff.” 

Well, even The Wall Street Journal, no friend of Mr. Trump, ran an editorial saying Mr. Trump would have won reelection in 2020 had it not been for the pandemic. The United States is currently facing an undeclared world war that has unmistakable roots dating back to Gen. Wesley Clark’s cable channel admission that Russia has a weapon we can’t match. Those words were uttered during the Obama years.

The Beltway cognoscenti have long held that President Biden was filling in for Barack Obama, who was ineligible for a third term. Any objective assessment would concur.

Mr. Trump’s absence on the world stage opened the door for ultimate evil. Biblical-level deception caused President Biden,
Vice President Kamala Harris and Sen. Bernie Sanders to take office. Yet somehow supposedly smart people think anyone other than Donald Trump can fix this mess? Not a chance.


Winter Park, Florida

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