Upon stepping down as House speaker, Nancy Pelosi was praised by President Biden as “the most consequential speaker of the House of Representatives in our history” (“Biden praises Pelosi’s leadership as House Speaker steps down,” Web, Nov. 17). I couldn’t agree more.

When he was in office, President Trump did everything he could to fund and build the southern border wall to stop the illegal invasion of our country and stem the tide of sex trafficking and illicit drugs still killing our young people. What was Mrs. Pelosi’s response? She proudly proclaimed, “Not one dollar for the wall!”

And to compound this national disgrace, Mrs. Pelosi subsequently rubber-stamped $5 trillion in reckless deficit spending under Mr. Biden, driving up inflation that is compounding the Carter-era misery index with which we are now living.

As I see it, Mrs. Pelosi is just as responsible for the humanitarian crisis on our southern border and has just as much blood on her hands as Mr. Biden. They refuse to employ even the simplest and most cost-effective solutions to end the death and mayhem.

“The most consequential speaker of the House of Representatives in our history”? Sure, when it comes to legislating suffering and misery in the hopes of destroying our country. Mrs. Pelosi deserves to burn in hell.


Medford, New York

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