Your editorial Wednesday (“Don’t count Donald Trump out”) cites conservatives falling away from Trump after the midterms. National Review magazine, which never liked him, is one. The day before, a top Democrat taunted Trump supporters: (“Schumer warns Republicans: reject MAGA movement or ‘keep losing,’” Web, Nov. 15). Conservatives and independents slavishly echoed it.

Something does not compute here. If Mr. Trump is so sure to lose, then why doesn’t Sen. Chuck Schumer encourage the GOP to support him? Instead, for six years he and the Democrats have done nothing but try to destroy Mr. Trump.

It’s not a mystery. What Mr. Schumer said this week is Kool-Aid and he thinks conservatives and independents are stupid enough to swallow it. No worries, though. We have two years to think before we drink.


Irvington, Virginia

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