Sigmund Freud once hypothesized that some incidents of adult neurosis were linked to excessive childhood exposure to sexual matters. While his thinking is now widely dismissed, was he entirely wrong in forwarding that premise?

We know that sexually abused children are psychologically scarred, sometimes for life, with victims frequently being awarded million-dollar settlements. Is this obvious truth now being abandoned?

A professor recently graced our TV screens suggesting that child molesters be treated with sympathy, since “they are merely acting upon feeling.” Aren’t all murderers, rapists and thieves also acting upon feeling? In fact, aren’t all criminal acts incited by impulse or “feeling” absent the countervailing force of considered reason? Isn’t the process of subjecting one’s feelings to reason and higher truth the basis of morality?

It should be obvious that sexual matters fall within the realm of adult consideration — and that 5-year-olds are not equipped for contemplation or analytical judgment regarding such matters. It is a form of indoctrination and abuse to thrust such upon them.


North Provo, Utah

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