In a recent internal culture memo, Netflix reportedly urged employees to support the company in offering a diverse range of movies and shows — despite the fact that employees may not agree with all the offered content.

This directive came soon after employees staged a walkout when CEO Ted Sarandos continued airing Dave Chappelle’s comedy special that took jabs at the transgender community. According to reports about the internal memo, it goes on to say that if supporting the content and title spans of the organization makes any employee uncomfortable, Netflix may not be the right work venue for them.

Netflix’s approach in fostering artists’ expression is based on the same principle of allowing for viewers of diverse tastes — without having to resort to censorship.

From January to March, Netflix’s customer base fell by 200,000, its first subscriber loss in more than a decade.

If inclusion and equity are modern day’s phenomena, shouldn’t everyone be allowed to view any broadcasts without being crucified?

If someone doesn’t like what Netflix offers, maybe they should try another streaming service.


Henrico, Virginia

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