Friday, May 13, 2022


If the brain trust that runs the Republican Party is at all honest, they have to admit the left’s message machine is extraordinary. While Republicans continue to fret over the threat of first-person missives dictated from a golf cart in Palm Beach, the left’s propaganda apparatus has Democrats all loudly singing from the same sheet music.   

This week they unleashed a four-part message war against pro-life conservatives and the Republican Party with the precision of a Swiss clock. President Biden, senators, members of Congress, mayors and governors all mindlessly jumped on board with the strategy. 

First, the Supreme Court’s potential overturning of Roe v. Wade will threaten interracial marriage. 

Second, the end of Roe will mean conservatives will, as embattled Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, target LGBTQ Americans next. 

Third, the Supreme Court is somehow illegitimate because it’s not elected. Fourth, America’s ills are all due to the fact that the “ultra MAGA” crowd has taken over the Republican Party.

Democrats’ concocted threat against interracial marriage is a natural extension of their usual mantra that conservatives are racist. It’s even more laughable when you consider that Justice Clarence Thomas is married to a white woman. 

With the second outrageous claim, Democrats continue to treat homosexuals like their favorite political toy. They’ve recently paralleled being gay with suffering from the mental disorder gender dysphoria. Equating homosexuality with being transgender wasn’t enough manipulation. Now they are linking the lifestyle and rights associated with it to the ability to kill an unborn child.  

The Alito draft makes it clear that due to the issue of abortion having to do with the taking of human life, the ruling is tailored toward that issue and that issue alone. The federal legality of gay marriage is not in danger and the Democrats know that.

As for the wild broadsides against the high court, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was undeterred on the Senate floor giving the kind of impassioned speech only a soulless hypocrite can give. He attacked the Supreme Court in unprecedented fashion this week, blasting the “unelected justices” and the right, “hell-bent on sending women’s rights back to the Stone Age.” 

In yet another example of the low opinion Democrats have for their own voters, Mr. Schumer perhaps doesn’t think anyone would realize that “unelected justices” decided Roe in the first place, manufacturing the constitutional right to an abortion out of thin air. 

Then there’s Mr. Biden, who used a series of unhinged speeches that were supposed to address his plans for dealing with inflation to blast, “ultra-MAGA” Republicans. Democrats have been exposed for being coopted by the far left-wing of their party. They are facing backlash for driving a radical social agenda and are lining up to take the most extreme position on abortion in their history. So, naturally the real enemy is sudden emergence of the so-called “ultra-MAGA” crowd. 

Branding former President Donald Trump the “MAGA king” and those who support the Republican platform “the most extreme political organization that has existed in recent American history,” an angry Biden is pouring on the venom in an attempt to save the far-left agenda.

The attacks on Mr. Trump and MAGA voters will continue because Democrats have nothing else to say. But rest assured Democrats will continue to say it anyway. 

Not that any of this messaging will likely work. This week every Democrat senator but one voted to codify the most extreme view of abortion ever conceived. No more is the Democrat Party’s position that abortion should be “safe, legal and rare” as was once the mantra of the Clinton years. Now, it needs to be available up to birth and free. 

The majority of Americans don’t support late-term abortion, abortion for the purposes of sex selection, laws against parental notification, and taxpayer funding for the procedure. 

A poll this week showed 75% of Americans oppose the protesting of the homes of the conservative Supreme Court justices, a tactic the White House has excused even though it’s against the law. 

The “ultra-MAGA” monster mirage and the rest of the Democrats’ new message map is a road that ends in an electoral cliff. It’s not about women or life or rights or reality. It’s about radical social engineering and political calculous. 

Even still, a disjoined GOP could learn a thing or two from the discipline and deliberate nature of the left’s efforts to control the narrative. To meet high expectations for November, they too will have to start singing a simple tune in a clear voice together.   

• Tom Basile is the host of “America Right Now” on Newsmax Television, an author and a former Bush administration official.

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