Each day I grow less confident in what passes for today’s federal government (“Biden‘s gasoline plan calls on everyone outside of the White House to do their part,” Web, June 22). The locus of my escalating concerns is the buffoon now occupying the Oval Office.

President Biden is an execrable, befuddled, bewildered twerp and “pretender resident” who is in a job way over his head. Here is yet more proof: Mr. Biden is berating our beleaguered oil-and-gas industry, saying he wants “an explanation” for why we aren’t refining “more oil.” Well, you dolt, look in the mirror.

Mr. Biden has caved to the environmental extremists, and they have won while the American people have lost. And now Mr. Biden, in his usual puerile manner, is trying to stick the blame everywhere and anywhere but on himself. Disgracefully, he would rather crawl overseas and beg the Saudis and the Venezuelans than admit that “Bidenflation” is the direct result of his own lunacy in pursuit of the suicidal “Green New Deal.”

Now he wants to have a tax holiday for gas. Is he kidding? Why should my great-grandchildren be stuck with the bill for stupid Joe’s blunders? This is just greed on the part of Joe and his fellow liberal extremists, who are trying to hide their own incompetence and misdeeds. What a useless excuse for a leader.


Winchester, Virginia

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