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Saturday, June 11, 2022


Bill Gates, Microsoft guy-turned-COVID-19 expert, said he knows how to prevent the next pandemic — but it’ll cost you $1 billion annually.

No joke. He’s putting into play the next wave of virus lockdowns; the next stage of health emergency orders; the next phase of seizing individual liberties from supposedly free American citizens.

Gates, at the TIME 100 Summit this week, called for the creation of a rapid reaction-type of team of scientists — 3,000 of ‘em, to be specific — who will be rocked and ready to go to whatever far reaches of the planet that shows evidence of an emerging dangerous infectious disease. These epidemiological experts will then explain to the local yokels how and why they must, must, must take immediate actions to contain the spread of the virus.

In Gates lingo, it’s called the “Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization” force. GERM to the rescue! And the cost to fund, equip, train and mobilize these 3,000? About $1 billion a year.

According to Gates, though, that’s minuscule when compared to the lives that could be saved.

“I have to say, given the toll of this pandemic — 20 million dead globally, a million in the US, and it could have been way more fatal,” he said at the summit, Business Insider reported. “We just got lucky that the death rate per case was like 0.2%.”

That’s called burying the lead. In other words: The coronavirus is hardly as fatal as pinheads predicted in its blossoming stages. And all the bureaucrats go — but that shouldn’t stop us from trying to capitalize politically and financially on the ramped fears and manufactured hysteria, now should it?

Enter Gates.

Enter Gates with his lustful quests to conquer and control a world of people he regards as his personal peons.

Enter Gates with his plan to ignite the next wave of fear over the next “discovered” virus that could, perhaps, potentially, maybe, likely won’t but might morph into something larger. All Gates has to do is identify some sort of virus or disease and his team of Big Brother scientists will be off and running to recommend lockdowns; stay-at-home orders; business, school and church closures; and of course, the obligatory face masks over the mouths of every man, woman and child above the age of just-born. Then come the vaccines to save us; then come the government mandates to take the vaccines; then come the political disbursement of tax dollars to mitigate effects of the just-discovered dangerous virus — money that coincidentally enough, ends in the pockets of Gates and his partners in vaccine development and delivery. 

What a great racket.

What a great ticket to elitist rule.

Gates had his day in the sun back at Microsoft, creating computer products that to this day still cause crashes. Instead of sticking around his company and working out the kinks on that, though, Gates instead jumped for the more lucrative business: the vaccine market.

“Investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines creates a 20-to-1 return, the Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist says,” CNBC wrote back in early 2019.

The story went on to report that over two decades, Gates’ foundation gave “a bit more than $10 billion” to the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

And the return on investment — ROI, in finance-speak — has been, well, decent.

“‘We feel there’s been over a 20-to-1 return,’ yielding $200 billion over those 20 or so years,” CNBC reported Gates as saying. 

Yes. Fear is a wonderful motivator. And hubris is a wonderful trait for those who would use fear to motivate. It means there’s no boundaries. And for someone who just wrote a book entitled, “How To Prevent the Next Pandemic” — as if! — this combined willingness to use fear for societal change with massive amounts of self-pride translates into peril for American liberties.

“When a [health] threat is detected, governments [can] sound the alarm and initiate public recommendations for travel, social distancing and emergency planning,” Gates writes in his new book, about his vision for a global rapid reaction health force. “Governments [can then] start using the blunt tools that are already on hand, such as mandatory quarantines …”

And vaccines. And forced vaccines. And boosters. And forced boosters. 

And everything else that America has already experienced under the totalitarian-type of response from government for two-plus years of politicization of COVID-19.

This is Gates’ dream for the world: never-ending government oversight leading to never-ending losses of freedoms; an utter top-down dictatorial global rule of 99% of the world’s citizens. He, of course, is among the 1%. And it’s all being sold as good for the health and safety of all.

Either fight for God-given liberties now. Or forever lose the country to globalists like Gates.

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