In “Author Wes Moore wins Democratic primary for Maryland governor” (Web, July 22), Associated Press writer Brian Witte tries to discredit Maryland’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dan Cox, by labeling him “an acolyte of Mr. Trump and supporter of right wing causes.”

Mr. Cox is not “extreme” in his “brand of politics” as Mr. Witte writes. Rather, he is a conservative state legislator who has proven himself as a competent delegate for the people. In 2020, he stood up against mandates and shutdowns that were depriving Marylanders of their livelihoods. He is pro-life to the core.

Mr. Witte tries to paint him as a conspiracist, but those of us who have worked with Mr. Cox to defend traditional values in Maryland know that come November, he will be a principled and a tough opponent of the never-elected Wes Moore for governor of Maryland.


Montgomery Village, Maryland

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