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Tuesday, July 19, 2022


A new survey from Rasmussen Reports and the Heartland Institute found that 57% of Democrats believe the Constitution is “rooted in racism,” another 64% think it’s “sexist,” and 49% — statistically half — feel it should be “mostly or completely rewritten.”

There you have it; Democrats hate America and want to utterly destroy its foundations.

It’s not like Americans didn’t already know this about the Democratic Party. It’s just that seeing the hatred for America by the numbers, the statistics, the percentages — seeing it so black and white like that makes it all the more definitive. It makes the danger of Democrats to the future of American liberties all the more clarified.

If half of Democrats think the Constitution is in need of replacement, then it’s easy to see how the party of Democrats has tipped to become an enemy of the patriotic people. We’re not talking about just a few wayward leftists; we’re talking half of all Democrats.

This is the key battle going forward — politically, culturally, in the education systems, in the workforce. If America’s youth aren’t taught that American liberties based on constitutional principles, including the rule-of-law and limited governance, are driving forces of exceptionalism, but rather chains that enslave — as the socialists have a tendency to say — then how can the nation maintain a government that serves the people; an economy that’s rooted in capitalism; a society that both embraces and fosters free and diverse discussions, expressions and views?

“As Americans,” Heartland Institute’s Chris Talgo said in a written statement, “we are fortunate to live in a land where the Constitution ensures the government cannot infringe upon our basic liberties.”

But there’s a “cognitive dissonance” that’s taking place within some voting classes, he said. He meant Democrats.

It’s Democrats who throw the race card wherever and whenever they can’t win arguments based on fact — and when not the race card, the gender card. It’s the Democrats who’ve been taken over and corrupted by socialist and Marxist influences that feed the minds of public school innocents with communist rot. It’s the Democrats who fight, fight, fight all the day long for the power to kill the Second Amendment and unborn babies, while outright ignoring issues of immediate concern to citizens — inflation, gas prices, empty grocery shelves — or worse, pretending as if those issues of concern don’t even exist. It’s the Democrats who see nothing wrong with sending in little kids with parents to watch men dressed as women gyrate for dollar bills; it’s the Democrats who think those who express horror at such sexual grooming antics are hateful and intolerant and ought to have their voices silenced.

It’s the Democrats who want to continue to sell the fear of viruses, of variants of viruses, of subvariants of viruses, to justify seizing individual liberties; slapping masks on the faces of men, women and the littlest of children; shutting down schools, businesses and churches; demanding taxpayer-funded stimulus dollars for people too afraid, i.e., too lazy, to work; and basically forcing citizens to take whatever shot, whatever booster, whatever shots plus boosters the government recommends to fight off whatever diseases or viruses the government labels as threats — for the foreseeable future, for infinity and beyond, even.

It’s the Democrats who hate freedom — especially individual freedom.

It’s the Democrats who detest God — and particularly the idea of God-given rights and liberties.

The fact is ask a Democrat what he or she likes about America, and the answer will be a version of this: the potential. The implied? The unstated? That radical change is needed; a foundational shift is necessary; that hope and change are the keys to America’s success.

Ask an American patriot the same thing and the answer is this: America is the greatest country on earth. Or, by Rasmussen’s numbers: 76% of Republicans versus 42% of Democrats have a “very favorable” view of the Constitution. And that has made all the difference.

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