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Thursday, July 14, 2022


Khiara Bridges is a University of California Berkeley School of Law professor who told Sen. Josh Hawley during recent Capitol Hill testimony that he was guilty of opening doors to violence against transgenders because he said he didn’t think men could get pregnant.

The “v-card,” the violence card — it’s the new “r-card,” the new racism card, for the Democrats.

They’ve been dropping it with alarming frequency in recent times, and just as with accusations of racism that Democrats seem to always and without rhyme or reason or reason and rationale hurl at their political opponents, this new “violence” label and “inciting violence” narrative comes from a place of duck-and-dodge distraction: That is to say, Democrats are really the ones who are guilty of what they accuse. It was Dems, after all, who opposed the Civil Rights Act and filibustered the bill for weeks. 

But here’s what transpired during a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on “Abortion Access & the Law” between Hawley and Bridges — and first, the context: Hawley asked Bridges to clarify what she meant by the phrase “people for the capacity for pregnancy.”

The Missouri Republican asked: “Would that be women?” 

That’s when sanity headed to the exit door.

Bridges said yes, many women, but then she added that there are many “trans-men” and “non-binary people” “who are capable of pregnancy,” too.

Hawley asked for further clarification about the “core” of the issue — abortion — in Bridges’ view. 

That’s when sanity left the room.

Bridges said: “So, umm, I want to recognize that your line of questioning, umm, is transphobic? [insert short laugh here], umm, and it opens up trans-people to violence by not recognizing them.” 

That’s a direct quote, in full context.

“Wow, you’re saying that I open up people to violence by asking whether or not women are the folks who can have pregnancies?” Hawley said.

“So, I want to note that one out of five transgender persons have attempted suicide, so I think it’s important …” Bridges began.

“Because of my line of questioning?” Hawley cut in.

Bridges nodded. And Hawley asked, “So we can’t talk about it?”

“Because denying that trans-people exist and pretending not to know that they exist …,” Bridges said.

Hawley then asked for clarification about how he was denying trans-people existed — and Bridges interrupted to parrot, “Are you? Are you? Are you?” She then asked Hawley this: “Do you believe that men can get pregnant?” 

“No,” Hawley said.

And Bridges said: “So you’re denying that trans-people exist.”

Hawley, for his part, later took to Twitter to rightly summarize: “The Democrats say what they really think: men can get pregnant and if you disagree, you are ‘transphobic’ and responsible for violence.”

That’s pretty much what happened. Watch the C-SPAN video for yourself.

Never mind for the moment that this lunatic woman has no business teaching anything to anyone. Crazy should never be allowed to lead. 

Toss aside, too, for the minute that this entire transgender nonsense is becoming the albatross of the Democratic Party — that leftists have so entirely blotted out any contrary views and so doubled down on their devious attempts to stifle dissenting views they’ve actually come full circle on their own lies. They’re drowning on their own deceptions; they’re choking on the contradictory campaigns they themselves created. Witness, the demise of women’s athletics — the mocking and unraveling of the entire hard-fought, hard-won women’s rights matter, for that matter.

But put both those aside for now.

There’s another angle here that needs to be outed, if only so it can be properly and promptly routed. Leftists are now routinely calling out dissenting viewpoints as forms of violence and accusing those who hold those opposing views — and who dare to express them — as inciters of violence.

It’s getting so the “v-word” has become the Democrats’ new “r-word” — that is, racism. They’re dropping the “v-card” more than they’re dropping the “r-card” these days.

Hawley said men can’t get pregnant — and a leftist accused him of inciting violence.

Donald Trump calls out the murderous extremism of terrorists and thuggish gang members who happen to be, respectively, Muslim and Hispanic — and The Washington Post in 2018 wrote this of him: “The president’s rhetoric has helped to shift discourse norms in our country such that it is more acceptable among more people to denigrate and attack other groups of human beings.”

Christians in America insist on a return of the nation to Founding Father visions of limited government and moral leadership — and are treated to headlines like this, from Time, “The Growing Threat of Christian Nationalism in the US,” or this, from The Post, “With the Buffalo massacre, white Christian nationalism strikes again.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Maxine Waters encourages Democrats to harass Trump supporters and staffers. Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for summers of resistance. Sen. Chuck Schumer threatens that Supreme Court justices have released whirlwinds and will pay prices. Democrat pro-abortion supporters take up angry presence outside Supreme Court justices’ homes. Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs threaten MAGA hat-wearers with violence — take over streets around America and stop traffic, stop businesses from doing business, stop innocent pedestrians from walking innocently by, because they’re protesting MAGA-type politics and conservative-type policies. Sen. Rand Paul and his wife were attacked in the streets of Washington, D.C., by violent protesters on the heels of the Republican National Committee speech by Trump.

But it’s Hawley who’s opening doors to violence against transgenders saying only men can get pregnant?

Leave it to Democrats to call out truth as a fuel to violence.

There’s a quote from George Orwell that tells perfectly what’s going on — “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

What else to say? Bridges is just one of many the Democrats embrace as their own.

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