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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sen. Mitt Romney said Sunday he thinks “feral-eyed” Russian President Vladimir Putin is starting to realize he might have miscalculated in the face of Ukrainian resolve and organized response from Europe.

“This is one of the greatest demonstrations of good versus evil we’re seen during our lifetimes,” Mr. Romney, Utah Republican, told CNN’s “State of the Union.”

He said the contrast between Mr. Putin, who tends to sit at a long table in a “mausoleum where honesty and honor have gone to die,” versus the courage and passion from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is drinking coffee with troops and rallying Ukrainians to fight, is remarkable.

“They have galvanized the spirit of the entire world,” Mr. Romney said. “The contrast of that kind of leadership and puny nature of Vladimir Putin’s tyranny has helped people understand the difference between good and evil.”

Mr. Romney, who was mocked by President Barack Obama and others in 2012 for deeming Russia the top geopolitical threat during a presidential debate, said Mr. Putin might not have realized the nature of modern warfare. Everyone with a smartphone can film what is happening on the ground and spread it around the world.

Mr. Romney also praised Germany for committing weapons and bolstering its defense capabilities.

“There’s been a response Putin had not anticipated,” Mr. Romney said. “I hope he’s wising up to the stupidity of what he’s doing.”

“This is not going well for him,” the senator said. “The Russian government is a pariah and the entire world should be protesting and letting Russia know how badly they’re seen on the world stage.” 

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