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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

One of the most heartfelt moments of the Rams’ Super Bowl victory was wide receiver Van Jefferson finding out after the game that his wife was in labor and sprinting to get to the hospital. 

Well, the story just got even better.

Jefferson and his wife, Samaria, decided to name their new baby boy in honor of the Rams’ Super Bowl win. The name? Champ. 

“We were really thinking about ‘Wynn’ and ‘Miles,’ but then it was like, I think it’s very fitting to name him Champ,” Jefferson said on Adam Schefter’s podcast. “And we just looked it up and Champ is like a warrior. And my wife is a warrior. What she did that whole game and what she did throughout the whole week of the Super Bowl, the week of Super Bowl being so crazy, he’s a champ and she’s a warrior, so Champ Curtis Jefferson.”

Samaria attended the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium at 40 weeks pregnant. But she went into labor during the game and was rushed to the hospital. 

She ordered the team not to tell her husband until after the game. When a team staffer told him during the post-game celebration that his wife was in labor, he sprinted to the hospital. Jefferson told Schefter that he didn’t make it to the hospital but watched Samaria give birth over FaceTime and arrived to the hospital 30 minutes after his son was born. 

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