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Monday, February 14, 2022

Some Los Angeles Rams fans went a little too far when celebrating their team’s Super Bowl win on Sunday. 

About two hours after the Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, the Los Angeles Police Department ordered fans to leave the downtown area, later calling parts of the celebration “violent and destructive.” Videos have gone viral online of fans crowding the streets, jumping on cars and setting off fireworks. 

“We ask those that are celebrating tonight, celebrate responsibly,” the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted. “Do not allow your actions to tarnish a great #SuperBowl win. Obey all police orders and clear the streets around the area of 11th and Hope.”

The urging from police didn’t stop some Rams fans, though. 

“We are seeing violent and destructive behavior by large crowds in the heart of the Downtown LA area,” the department tweeted an hour later.

About 45 minutes later, police said any violators of dispersal orders would be arrested.

“Those involved in criminal activity, and those failing to obey dispersal orders, are subject to arrest.”

As of Monday morning, the Los Angeles Police Department had not reported any arrests from the celebrations. 

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