The revelations of Elon Musk should shock us to our foundations (“Musk releases Twitter internal documents showing details of suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story,” Web, Dec. 2). The Democrats interfered with our last presidential election by pressuring the media to sit on the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop and change the outcome of that election.

The truth is that most citizens would have rejected Mr. Biden for deep connections to our worst enemies. Donald Trump would have been reelected by a landslide. 

The Democrats use word games to redefine everything from democracy, to racism, to the word “woman.” They believe that if they do this, all the votes they manage to eke out count no matter how they got them or who cast them. They believe that if they redefine the role of public education to mean brainwashing, they can teach teenagers who cannot read beyond a third grade level what is moral and good for all and make them slaves to the government.

We need to define America back to a godly, moral nation, one made up of citizens who want America to be an example of freedom throughout the world.

Bel Air, Maryland

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