Recently President Biden has been telling the media he “wrote” two very major changes into the lives of U.S. citizens: the Inflation Reduction Act and, more recently, the Democratic Party’s revamping of the state primary schedules.

Yeah, right. This is a president who can’t figure out which direction to go to get offstage.

Mr. Biden is completely unable to delve into these major areas and do the detailed work being attributed to him by the media. I would like to see him explain these so-called accomplishments without a teleprompter, in detail, to the American public, live on national TV.  It shouldn’t be too hard for the person who “wrote” the changes.

I submit that Mr. Biden probably had no idea of the intricacies of either action and that both were done by committee, led by whoever is really running this country.

It’s time to tell the American people the emperor has no clothes on.

Bowie, Maryland

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