Friday, December 2, 2022


When Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace in 1917, it wasn’t just the start of the Russian Revolution, but the beginning of communism’s century-long war on humanity.

The global conflict has included civil wars and culture wars, gulags and killing fields, indoctrination and subversion, planned starvation and ethnic cleansing.

It’s the forever war, fought on five continents, for a system that has failed miserably wherever it’s been imposed, but still never lacks true believers willing to kill for its utopian vision. And (bitter irony) they commit unspeakable crimes in the name of humanity.

We fought communism directly in Korea and Vietnam and covertly throughout the 20th century. It created the sexual revolution and the terrorist war on the West. Critical race theory is its brainchild, wokeism its handmaiden.

The storm unleashed by Lenin and his gang still rages, from China to Caracas, and from Ukraine to American cities.

In China, protests against the regime’s draconian lockdowns (which include the bolting shut the doors of apartments) have quickly spread across the country. COVID-19 controls were the spark, but the protests quickly became demands for democracy and the ouster of Chinese ruler Xi Jinping.

At one demonstration, a local communist party boss warned protesters against being manipulated by “foreign influences.” A man in the crowd shot back: “Do you mean Marx and Engels?”

The Chinese Communist Party has presided over the bloodiest regime in history. Since 1949, it has killed as many as 50 million in the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution and all of the other attempts to remake mankind.

As the world awaits the next brutal crackdown, the most the Biden administration can muster is a wimpy statement about the Chinese people having a right to protest, with no mention of how the demonstrations are being brutally suppressed. Corporate America, including Apple, is complicit.

Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked war on Ukraine is now in its ninth month. The ex-KGB agent is determined to reassemble the Soviet empire. In the process, 40,000 civilians have been killed and the nation’s cities laid waste. A little bloodbath has never stopped communists.

While we witness the unrest in the Middle Kingdom and carnage in Ukraine, the administration moves to prop up Venezuela’s Marxist regime. In his desperate quest for foreign oil, President Biden is allowing Chevron to drill there and has unfrozen $3 billion in Venezuelan assets. All of this will strengthen strongman Nicolás Maduro and maintain a Russian client state in our backyard.

While the Chinese have only recently taken to the streets, riots have rocked Iran (totalitarianism in a hijab) for months. Like the Chinese, Iranians are calling for regime change, and they are shouting slogans like “Death to [Supreme Leader] Khamenei.” Mr. Biden maintains a shameful silence here, fearful he’ll upset his nuclear deal with the outlaw state.

Besides brutalizing its own people, the Islamic Republic is allied with Marxist regimes in China, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. The trillion dollars it expects to get from the U.S. nuclear deal will be used to export jihad to Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Gaza.

Nor is America immune from the communist revolution. Wokeism, which rules academia and much of corporate America, is Marxism for millennials. 

In 2020, we experienced the worst urban anarchy in our history, orchestrated by antifa and Black Lives Matter. Urban centers burned, stores were looted and innocents were assaulted and murdered. The George Floyd riots launched the “defund the police” movement and elected Soros prosecutors who “reimagined law enforcement,” which has led to spiraling crime rates.

In his book “BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution,” Mike Gonzalez estimates that the group was involved in 95% of the 2020 riots. Patrisse Cullors, one of BLM’s co-founders, boasts that she and her colleagues are “trained Marxists.”

In “1941,” when Slim Pickens is taken aboard a Japanese sub, he exclaims, when he spots a German naval officer, “A … Nazi! You guys are in this together!”

The chicoms, Mr. Putin, the ayatollahs, Mr. Maduro and BLM are all in it together — all for one and slavery for us. Unless we can acknowledge that reality, we’ll never be able to see beyond scattered pieces of a Marxist mosaic to the big picture.

Humanity has never confronted a more daunting foe than communism. I’ve been fighting it since I was in college in the 1960s. But the anti-war movement, SDS and progressive labor were child’s play compared to what we’re facing today.

• Don Feder is a columnist with The Washington Times.

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