Monday, August 15, 2022


America hangs in the balance — a mere breath in the course of human history and yet a nation that changed the course of it altogether.

Last week, the FBI raided Mar-a-Largo. While the raid has been long anticipated by political pundits, the action could not have been more volatile in its strategic precision — splitting the nation based on a single political figure, former President Donald Trump.

This was never really about Mr. Trump. Rather, his political enemies have made him the scarecrow and the scapegoat, and as such, have offered him as a sacrifice on the altar of political convenience.

The scapegoat — because if Mr. Trump really is the demon they claim, then all extreme leftist actions are justified in overthrowing the “threat to our democracy.” The scarecrow — because taking out the giant quells free speech and political opposition in its wake by scaring Mr. Trump’s supporters into silence.

Mr. Trump’s defeat is the necessary sacrifice for peace, or so they will say. Drop your swords and go back to sleep.

But this was never really about Mr. Trump; he was simply in the way. Rather, this neo-Marxist infiltration can only topple the great American dream if it can sterilize, or even demonize, the core truth our nation was founded upon — that “all men [and women] are created equal with certain inalienable rights.”

The neo-Marxist progressive far-left will proclaim that Mr. Trump’s defeat and public humiliation demonstrate justice while simultaneously threatening the same fate to political dissenters. And the irony will remain — the “woke” mob weaponizing race, gender and sexual orientation to destroy the very truth that gave them political freedom in the first place — the truth that they have value and should therefore be treated equally before the law. They will tear down the stronghold that allows them the luxury of their first-world ideologies.

America was not founded on the guarantee that government would grant us rights, but that government would recognize and respect the transcendent rights that every individual enjoys by the grace of God. And from that recognition, we have striven, imperfectly but sincerely, to form “a more perfect union.” But it is that very recognition, the recognition of inherent value, that the left, in all its woke self-righteousness, is out to destroy. Because the transcendent reality, feeble in our memories as it may be, is not dependent on government. The government does not grant freedom; rather, it chooses whether or not to recognize it. The left wants to squander the autonomy and life-blood of a free people through threats and false comforts with scarecrows and scapegoats.

This was never really about Mr. Trump — it was always about you and the heart of a free nation. As my dad always says, “The Declaration of Independence is written on parchment so fragile, it will crumble if exposed to oxygen. It could not stop a sword. It cannot stop a bullet. Yet, it has changed the world. The power in that document, however, is only present if the truths reflected in the words resonate in the heart of a people!”

We have lost our way. We’ve allowed personal comfort and social convenience to dictate the exercise of our personal freedoms — free speech, dissenting political thought, and religious expression.

If we fail to see the bigger picture, we’ll be lulled back to sleep. We must continue proclaiming the truth of our founding and remain vigilant against encroachments upon our liberties.

I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know it’s up to us. We do not have the luxury of passing the buck. The republic we were given to steward is slipping away, and it will take thoughtful and diligent action to preserve it for the next generation. For those looking to take practical action, find an organization or political leader you can partner with. For election-related issues connect with us at protectyourvote.org.

• Jacqueline Timmer is the founder and director of the American Voter’s Alliance, a nonprofit grassroots voter education group focused on election integrity.

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