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Thursday, August 11, 2022

An armed suspect attempted to break into the FBI Visitor Screening Facility in Cincinnati, Ohio before fleeing the scene, resulting in a police chase that ended up in a standoff in a cornfield.

Officials at the Cincinnati FBI office confirmed to local NBC affiliate WLWT-TV that the suspect showed up armed at around 9 a.m, making threats. 

From there, the suspect, described as a white male on the police scanner, drove off onto the I-71 highway,  pursued by officers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol. At 10 a.m., the suspect exited his car next to a cornfield before brandishing a pistol at officers, according to local news reports.

Shortly afterward, reports came over the police scanner that shots had been fired.

By 10:24 a.m, according to a police chopper that had arrived above the scene, the suspect, reportedly wearing body armor, was on his knees behind his car, his shorts spattered with blood, holding a rifle. The man’s windshield had been shot out by this point.

Local roads were shut as an armored vehicle arrived and the suspect put down his rifle, according to reports. FBI officers were at the scene shortly afterward.

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