Tuesday, September 28, 2021


President Biden and the Democrats claim the $3.5-trillion reclamation bill will cost zero dollars. These are the same people who claimed Biden’s Afghanistan debacle an “extraordinary success.”

They also lie when they say our southern border is closed. Only corrupt politicians would be this brazen. May I remind America that we already have a massive debt of $28.8 trillion? That is a whopping $86,575 per man, woman and child. Could someone please tell me why the wealthiest nation on earth barrows money for stuff we don’t need? We accumulate millions of dollars in interest daily on this debt. Does anyone in Washington understand basic economics? This tax-and- spend bill is a Bernie Sanders socialist wish list. It dramatically increases America’s welfare state and entitlements.

It also spends billions on government subsidies for green energy and climate. Does anyone remember the Obama/Biden failure when they invested millions of taxpayer money in Solyndra? That decision cost the American people $535 million when Solyndra went bankrupt.

If that doesn’t trouble you, maybe this will: In the past year our federal government has spent $6 trillion on COVID-19 relief.

The truth is that this bill will saddle our children and grandchildren with more massive debt. When Biden says “Build back better,” America, check your wallet.

Biden has been a total disaster for America. Call or e-mail your elected official and say no to the Democrats’ irresponsible spending.


Kokomo, Ind.

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