Tuesday, September 21, 2021


I watched last week’s Virginia gubernatorial debate knowing of Terry McAuliffe’s close association with the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, and knowing that McAuliffe was once Hillary’s campaign chairman. The revelation the next day was amazing: The bogus information about the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was funded by the Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign. The provider of the hoax information actually acknowledged, after years of lying about it, that his paying client was in fact the Clinton campaign.

The contrast between the smooth Clinton-crony Democrat and the Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin was obvious. McAuliffe’s main pitch was his attempt to link his opponent to Trump. While I share the distaste for Trump’s incessant juvenile tweeting and personal attacks against his opponents, McAuliffe’s attempts to portray Youngkin as a similar personality fell flat. Youngkin came across as a very thoughtful, moderate, intelligent businessman, and a gentleman. McAuliffe’s attempts to diminish him had all the authenticity of a used-car salesman’s pitch.

Many Virginians who voted for the publicly portrayed Biden (the “moderate” who could strengthen our position in foreign affairs) are now experiencing buyer’s remorse. Biden has caused such disasters as the Afghanistan debacle, limited distribution of the life-saving monoclonal antibody treatment, the hordes of illegals pouring across our southern border, soaring crime, loss of U.S. energy independence, rising inflation, and more.

Virginians, the country cannot take any more “Democratic leadership.”


Covington, La.

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