Wednesday, September 1, 2021


It looks like everyone is after Jihad Joe Biden. They want a resignation or impeachment. Both circumstances are more than appropriate for this reality- dyslexic imbecile; however, both simply treat a symptom rather than the problem.

As long as Nancy Pelosi is in Congress, this is what you get. Remove Biden and Pelosi will orchestrate the next catastrophe, which could be worse. She must have the goods on every Democrat in the House, because no matter how radical she becomes they are always 100% in lockstep behind her.

Pelosi has to be dealt with first. Remove her from Congress and you can begin a healing process. As long as she is there, the insanity will continue. Where is this witch throughout this Afghanistan disaster? AWOL, yet she has time to rip off Americans with a $5-trillion spending bill. Can you see the priorities here? She is a blindly socialist dictator hell-bent on bankrupting America.

The Pelosi doctrine is clear: ‘Constitution — who cares? Supreme court — partisan hacks. Federal laws? Give me a break. The border — I can’t see it from here. Afghanistan — it’s still there, so what’s the problem?’ The list doesn’t end, and she is on the wrong end of every issue.

Wait a minute — isn’t that what they’re saying about Biden? History proves that dung flows downhill, and Pelosi is this nation’s single largest producer of dung. Remove the source and you remove the dung.


Mt. Airy, Md.

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