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President Biden’s Department of Justice has just been weaponized against parents in America, and it won’t be long before home-schooling, religious schooling and private schooling — particularly private Christian schooling — become the next targets of this administration.

After all, if parents protesting critical race theory and hypersexualized school curriculum are to become the “domestic terrorists” to fight, the saviors of government can’t let these unfit types choose how to educate their children, now can they?

We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.

Or, as Education Secretary Miguel Cardona puts it: Parents shouldn’t really be the “primary stakeholder” in their children’s schooling.

“I believe parents are important stakeholders, but I also believe educators have a role in determining educational programming,” Cardona said in September on Capitol Hill, when asked during a Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions if he thought parents should be in charge of their children’s education as primary stakeholders.

Simple question.

Dodgy answer.

The dodge speaks volumes.

Now, in the face of Attorney General Merrick Garland’s directive to FBI agents and U.S. attorney officials to start investigating parents who protest school board members too loudly as possibly guilty of committing acts of “domestic terrorism” — at the bidding of the National Schools Boards Association — it seems the Democratic Party has come out of hiding and tipped its hand completely on leftist plans for America’s youngest and most vulnerable: to steal them from parental control to indoctrinate them in socialist-slash-communist-slash-Marxist ideology.

It’s how Cuba does their kids.

It’s how all the commie countries do their kids.

You think parents in communist countries have an inherent, God-given right to control the teachings of their children?

If leftists aren’t busy wiping out all mention of God from the public square, they’re dutifully pushing propaganda into the minds of the nation’s youth. The better to control them, dontcha know. The better to raise them to be happy little marchers in the Marxist-Democrat army.

There’s an easy solution for schools boards to deal with overly obnoxious, intimidating, bullying or even violent parents. It’s called — Call The Cops.

Sending in the long arms of the well-funded federal Department of Justice to deal with small-town American schools isn’t just overkill. It’s a purposeful leftist strategy designed to send a chilling message to those who dare buck the far-leftist agenda. It’s an intentional show of federal force to stifle and silence the thinkers of the nation, the conservatives and coolly rational of the crowds, the dissenters of the bunch, the patriotic parents of the community, the individualists — those pesky individualists — of the country.

It’s meant to stop the protests against the collectivist and communist takeover of America’s schools.

And the end game of this evil takeover is the children — their minds, their hearts, even their souls, stolen for the purposes of the state. 

The DOJ storm troop is just one tactic to wrest parents’ control of their children and their children’s education.

Next up is the attack on private schooling and home-schooling. It won’t be long before protesting parents will be labeled by government bureaucrats as unfit parents. It won’t be much longer before parents who refuse to vaccinate their children are deemed dangers to their children; before parents who argue that LGBTQ agendas are harming their children are called out as dangerous to society, and therefore dangers to their children.

Wait for it, wait for it.

The state will soon be making the case that only the state can properly educate, and that home-schooling, private schooling, Christian schooling is a threat to society.

Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world — Vladimir Lenin is cited as saying.

That is the dream of the Democrats. That is why parents have become Enemy Number One.

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