Kamala Harris simply has no core beliefs — so when challenged, she simply nods agreement with anything so as to avoid a situation where she is obliged to defend or promote a contrary view (“‘Stop saying stupid stuff’: Sen. John Kennedy offers crisis-communications tips to Kamala Harris,” Web, Sept. 29). Harris is a sideshow at best. She goes whichever way the political winds of the moment happen to be blowing. She is what is sometimes referred to as a phony.

Harris is a worthless and unfunny opening act in the progressive, upside-down world of 2021. She was chosen for meritless reasons and isn’t even credited by her own party. She is unliked, unsupported, unskilled and highly unable to lead our country as president should the need arise.

Does anyone reasonably expect more than rock-bottom results out of Kamala Harris? There isn’t enough damage control in the world to fix everything that is wrong about Giggles. In other words, the woman is a walking zero.


Mills River, N.C.

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