Once again cancel culture raises its ugly head (“Buccaneers remove Jon Gruden from franchise’s Ring of Honor,” Web, Oct. 12). For those of us who spent time in a football-team locker room, making negative references to other players is common — and no malice is intended. Remember what Serena Williams said about Maria Sharapova after losing a match to her?

Nobody knows what was going through Jon Gruden‘s mind when he wrote what he did — anger, jealousy, resentment? — but clearly he did not care for the new socially woke direction the NFL was taking. It is unfortunate that Gruden put his thoughts in an email. Nevertheless, his demonization is just the latest example of the internal destruction of both the country and freedom of speech. When cancel culture collides with social media there is a feeding freezing similar to that of piranhas on flesh — and it doesn’t stop until everything is consumed.

It is sad that we now have to live in fear of losing a career, because everybody has said something that is considered offensive in this hyper-sensitive society. Cancel culture prevents the evolution of our thoughts.

To those who support Coach Gruden‘s resignation for something he expressed over 10 years ago, I say this: Don’t forget that cancel culture and piranhas are one and the same. Neither cares what it is fed — so this could happen to you one day, too.



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