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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Sen. John McCain, said Sunday that the audit of 2020 ballots in Arizona pushed by Republicans is “ludicrous.”

“The whole thing is ludicrous,” she told CNN’s “State of the Union.” “The election is over. [Joseph R.] Biden won. I know many don’t like the outcome, but elections have consequences.”

Republicans in Maricopa County, Arizona, are currently auditing ballots, tabulation machines and voter information.

Critics claim the move undermines democracy and bolsters former President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims of election fraud in the November 2020 election. 

Democrats attempted to stop the audit by suing, but a judge allowed the tabulation and review to continue last week.

Mrs. McCain’s husband, the 2008 GOP presidential nominee, was also a staunch critic of Mr. Trump. 

Mrs. McCain threw her weight behind Mr. Biden in last year’s election, breaking with fellow Republicans.

Politico reported recently that Mrs. McCain is being vetted by the Biden administration to serve as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. World Food Programme.

She told CNN she would be open to serving in whatever way she can, but is happy being a grandmother, as her children have been welcoming babies during the past three years since her husband’s death.

Mrs. McCain also published a book this year, “Stronger: Courage, Hope, and Humor In My Life With John McCain.”

She said writing it during the COVID-19 pandemic gave her time to grieve.

“It’s been nice to relive a lot of the really fun things I did with him,” she said. “John, obviously, wanted us to move on.”

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