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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Megyn Kelly says she knows who President Biden has in mind when he speaks on “racial inequities and the systemic racism that continue to plague our nation”: his son.

The journalist-turned-successful-podcaster told fans this week that newly revealed texts from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop offer a glimpse into family’s racial attitudes when the cameras are off.

“Turns out when Joe Biden was telling us what a racist country America is, he had someone very near & dear in mind,” the “Megyn Kelly Show” host tweeted to her 2.4 million fans.

Ms. Kelly also linked to the Daily Mail, which broke the story of the president’s son repeatedly using the N-word in private correspondence with his lawyer.

Two examples include “n—a you better not be charging me Hennessy rates” and “true dat, n—.”

Neither text recipient George Mesires — Mr. Biden‘s White attorney — nor Mr. Biden responded to requests for comment from the Daily Mail.

Likewise, The New York Post failed to receive comment from either man.

The revelations come in the wake of the president’s Black History Month reminder that “We have never fully lived up to the founding principles of this nation that all people are created equal and have the right to be treated equally throughout their lives,” which he wrote in a Feb. 1 statement. “A knee to the neck of justice [via George Floyd’s death while in police custody] opened the eyes of millions of Americans and launched a summer of protest and stirred the nation’s conscience.”

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