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One of the least-discussed elements of the U.S. House-passed For the People Act is how it could potentially allow illegal immigrants to vote in U.S. elections. It’s yet another move by Democrats to permanently rig the rules of American elections in their favor.

The so-called voting rights bill requires states to automatically add to their voter registration rolls every person — regardless of their voter eligibility — who partake in government programs, such as welfare, university financial aid or Medicare. This could add hundreds of thousands of ineligible voters to the rolls, leading to a massive blow to our election integrity and security.

Although illegal immigrants are ineligible to receive most federal welfare, they can receive emergency medical assistance under Medicaid and “short-term, non-cash emergency aid,” provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and disaster-relief cash assistance through state, local and voluntary programs, leading to them potentially being added to the state’s voter rolls, through automatic registration, like the For the People Act requires.

Moreover, 26 states and the District of Columbia provide some forms of state-only funding for illegal immigrants such as food assistance, health care, and aid to seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

Democrats, in crafting the For the People Act, were worried many illegal immigrants would be inadvertently added to the U.S. voting rolls, but not because of election integrity concerns. They were fearful illegal immigrants who went out to cast a ballot, because they were automatically registered, could be penalized – like being caught and having to be deported.

“Some immigration lawyers are sounding an alarm, arguing that the measure could mistakenly register people who are legal in the country on work visas or green cards,” NBC News reported in April of automatic registration. “That could subject them to grave consequences, like being deported or permanently banned from gaining citizenship.”

The report continued: “Noncitizens wouldn’t have to intend to register, and they could be punished even if they never tried to vote. They could check the wrong box on a form or misunderstand a DMV clerk’s question about their legal status and face serious consequences.”

As a result, Democrats modified their For the People Act to ensure any illegal immigrant who gets inadvertently swept up in the voter rolls couldn’t be “prosecuted under any state or federal law, adversely affected in any civil adjudication concerning immigration status or naturalization, or subject to an allegation in any legal proceeding that the individual is not a citizen of the U.S.”

That’s right — instead of focusing on election integrity, and nixing automatic registration altogether, Democrats wrote in a provision to protect illegal immigrants from any negative consequences of it.

An election law expert who spoke with congressional officials about the bill told NBC News lawmakers are “significantly underestimating the political vulnerability” of a bill that could lead ineligible people to be added to the rolls.

Yet, perhaps, that was the intention. 

Democrats are only interested in permanently maintaining their power — and illegal immigration is key to this. The more illegal immigrants that cross our southern border, the more potential Democratic voters there are. The Biden administration has proposed free federal government health care and tuition be provided for them. When that happens, they will be automatically registered to vote, under the For the People Act, with no serious liabilities if they do. Red states will be left powerless in the ability to clean up their voter rolls, as the federal government will have nationalized elections. Democrats will win and will continue to win in perpetuity.

The For the People Act is nothing but a “For the Politicians Act” — corrupt Democratic politicians. It deserves to be defeated.

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