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Monday, July 19, 2021


Let us glance at the “Fleebagger Democrats,” a term now in use at Fox News, Hot Air, PJ Media and other news organizations after a group of Texas Democratic lawmakers left the state, intending to block a special legislative session meant to tighten Texas voting laws.
Five have since tested positive for COVID-19.

“The group of ‘fleebaggers,’ as they are pejoratively known — was celebrated by the establishment D.C. media and welcomed by Vice President Kamala Harris,” a Breitbart News review reported Monday, noting that the group traveled by private jet and posed “maskless.”

Yes, behold the fleebaggers.

Actually, this term was coined over a decade ago by columnist Michelle Malkin who was pushing back against “tea bagger,” an unpleasant description of those who supported the conservative tea party.

Here’s what Ms. Malkin wrote on Feb. 26, 2011.

“First lady Michelle Obama said, ‘Let’s Move!’ Who knew Democratic politicians in Wisconsin and Indiana would take her literally?

“Faced with stifling debt, bloated pensions and intractable government unions, liberal Midwestern legislators have fled those states — paralyzing Republican fiscal reform efforts. Like Monty Python’s Brave Sir Robin and his band of quivering knights, these elected officials have only one plan when confronted with political hardship or economic peril: Run away, run away, run away,” Ms. Malkin said.

“Scores of Fleebagger Democrats are now hiding in neighboring Illinois, the nation’s sanctuary for political crooks and corruptocrats. Soon, area hotels will be announcing a special discount rate for card-carrying FleePAC winter convention registrants,” she wrote.


“We all knew the flagrant publicity stunt by Texas Democrats would end in disaster, but it’s worse than we ever imagined. They took private jets to Washington D.C. to stop a common sense voting law from being passed. Where is the outrage, If Republican lawmakers had fled a state to meet with President Trump, it would have garnered weeks of national headlines. But when Texas Democrats do it, we hear crickets,” said America Rising PAC in a statement.

The political action committee was founded in 2013 to “expose the truth” about Democrats.

“We need to demand that Texas Democrats return to their state. They must stop this sideshow immediately and support legislation to secure elections from fraud,” the organization noted, upon launching a new petition demanding just that.

It calls for the Texas Democrats “to end this political theater and return to Texas to secure their elections.”


A new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 51% of likely U.S. voters think former President Donald Trump deserves “more credit” for the COVID-19 vaccination program. Forty-one percent believe President Biden deserves more credit.

That is all.

The survey of 1,000 U.S. likely voters was conducted July 13-14.


The Canadian government has announced that conditional cross-border travel will be allowed for fully vaccinated American citizens and permanent residents beginning Aug. 9.

One Republican lawmaker in particular is very hopeful about the decision. Rep. Michelle Fischbach of Minnesota has long fretted about the fate of Americans who live in the Northwest Angle, the only point in the contiguous U.S. located north of the 49th parallel, and reachable via a remote 40-mile stretch of Canadian highway.

Those very Americans depended on that highway to make the cross-border journey for medical care, employment and tourism interests. And then it was shut when the pandemic hit.

“The light at the end of the tunnel appears to be closer. After more than 16 long, arduous months, it is long past the time for these punitive restrictions to meet their end,” Ms. Fischbach said in a statement shared with The Washington Times.

“Not only has the prolonged border closure affected the ability of Americans to travel, it has also impeded the ability of Americans to earn a living. The closure of the northern border has been particularly devastating for Minnesotans living in the Northwest Angle, and I am committed to doing all that I can to help their recovery.”

The lawmaker previously has warned that the northern U.S. border was in just as much a “crisis” as the southern U.S. border. She also led a delegation of state lawmakers to the Northwest Angle last week to draw attention to the region’s plight.


Arriving early in 2022: CNN+, a streaming subscription service from the cable news network, which describes the on-demand and interactive programming as “a new, additive experience that complements the core CNN linear networks and digital platforms to serve CNN superfans, news junkies and fans of quality non-fiction programming.”

“CNN invented cable news in 1980, defined online news in 1995 and now is taking an important step in expanding what news can be,” said Jeff Zucker, president of CNN Worldwide.

The service will feature original, live, on-demand and interactive programming, and also include “deep library of non-fiction, long form programming” which includes “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” and “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy.”


• 39% of U.S. adults do not plan to watch any of the Olympic Games; 46% of Republicans, 44% of independents and 29% of Democrats agree.

• 31% overall will watch a few events; 27% of Republicans, 34% of independents and 36% of Democrats agree.

• 12% overall will watch events when they can; 13% of Republicans, 10% of independents and 16% of Democrats agree.

• 6% overall will watch events every day; 6% of Republicans, 4% of independents and 7% Democrats agree.

• 10% overall are not sure; 7% of Republicans, 8% of independents and 11% of Democrats agree.

SOURCE: An Economist/YouGov poll of 1,500 U.S. adults conducted July 10-13.

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