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Friday, January 22, 2021

Supporters of Vice President Kamala Harris have buckled Vogue.

The howls of online critics, including members of the media, have prompted the magazine to issue a new cover page of the Democrat for its February issue.

“In recognition of the enormous interest in the digital cover, and in celebration of this historic moment, we will be publishing a limited number of special edition inaugural issues,” the magazine said on its website.

Vogue was accused of washing out Ms. Harris’ skin tone and presenting her in a casual way unbecoming of the racial milestone for a woman of Indian and Afro-Jamaican descent.

Viewers were incensed at the inclusion of iconic Converse shoes, which she is known for sporting on the campaign trail. 

Feedback for the original cover — designed by a famous Black photographer named Tyler Mitchell — on Vogue’s Twitter feed include:

  • “The hell kinda operation are you fools running over there? What professional magazine would use the picture on the left as a cover?”
  • “The cover with the pink backdrop is so fugly please stop sharing it, she deserves better.”
  • “Delete the chucks picture and change the cover to the blue suit MVP agreed to…this is disrespectful.”
  • “The cover on the left (with the Chuck Ts) had no business being selected or even offered as an option. This speaks volumes of how you view our Madam Vice President.”
  • “Why do you have her in sneakers with my Sorority colors as backdrop?? This is DISRESPECTFUL to Kamala, my Sorors, and to black people! In no way this is how you shoot the first black VP or any VP for that matter. Pull it now!”

The vice president’s niece, Meena Harris, also told NBC’s “Today” show that Ms. Harris “deserves the proper celebration of that moment, especially for a magazine that often has not had Black women on the cover,” Market Watch reported.

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