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Monday, December 6, 2021

Washington quarterback Taylor Heinicke left Las Vegas $125,000 wealthier than he arrived — and it wasn’t because of the blackjack table.

He earned the extra cash thanks in part to Brian Johnson’s 48-yard game-winning field goal that gave Washington a 17-15 win on Sunday.

Heinicke’s contract, a two-year, $4.5-million deal he signed this past offseason, includes an incentive for each game he wins. The 28-year-old signal caller nets an extra $125,000 for each win that he plays at least 60% of the snaps.

Not a bad cherry on top after winning an NFL game.

The victory was the team’s fourth straight, getting Washington back to .500 and fortifying its standing as an NFC wild-card team.

So on top of beating Tom Brady, earning a win over Russell Wilson on “Monday Night Football” and helping lead the team out of the abyss to a 6-6 record, Heinicke has also cashed in $500,000 over the team’s four-game winning streak.

Heinicke has won six games this season, for an incentive total of $750,000.

Up next: Dallas. And potentially another $125,000. 

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