Monday, August 2, 2021


“Dumb hick,” “ignorant,” “white trash,” “vile” —- Upon starting my campaign by launching an actual rocket with the liberal agenda into space, the left was quick to go on the attack. The day after my campaign launch, CNN was on the offensive, calling me “vile” and attacking my conservative platform. I received many calls from liberals all over the country, hurling hateful words at me. They were upset because I had overlooked Sleepy Joe Biden and gotten right to the point at the start of my campaign: That Kamala Harris is the most powerful vice president in our nation’s history. I plan to be her worst nightmare when I get into the Senate.

Since becoming vice president, Kamala Harris has broken more ties in the Senate in her first year in office than any other vice president in the history of the United States. She is single-handedly pushing the Biden administration’s radical agenda, especially their disastrous border policies, while she and her staff pull on Sleepy Joe’s puppet strings. 

Mainstream media swiftly comes to her defense anytime someone dares criticize her brazen wokeism and her outsized influence on the administration’s policy agenda. They’re quick to cry racism, and they belittle and demonize those who don’t adhere to their dogma. 

Their minions have already been calling my business, finding me online, and attacking me in the press for even suggesting that Kamala Harris is leading the Biden agenda. They call me “vile” because I’m a proud Alabama conservative who pledges to fight against Kamala Harris, this administration’s power center. They brand me as a “dumb hick” because I will end their radical attempts to brainwash our children with Critical Race Theory. They call me “ignorant” because I won’t stand by while they collude with Big Tech to censor conservatives and try to rewrite the rules so they can steal our elections.  

To me, their insults are a badge of honor. It means liberals are absolutely terrified of what I can do and what I represent—a conservative who won’t back down from any fight when it comes to serving the people of Alabama.

Like President Trump says, “They’re not after me, they are after you—I’m just in the way.” 

That’s my plan: To get in their way and stop liberals from destroying this country and the American Dream. I’ll always protect life, defend the Second Amendment, fight for term limits, put a check on Big Tech oligarchs in California, and continue to advance Trump’s America First Agenda. 

But it won’t be easy. Liberals are in a relentless pursuit of power, and they will not rest until they have snuffed out the flames of liberty that make our country a shining city on a hill.  That’s why I’m running - to fight at full-throttle for our conservative values. As Senator, I won’t just launch Kamala Harris’ liberal agenda into outer space—I’ll fight to fire it out of this solar system. Let’s get it done.

• Jessica Taylor is currently running for U.S. Senate in the state of Alabama.  She is also a mother of three and the Founder and Chief Vision Officer for Azimuth Grants in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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