Thursday, April 8, 2021


Joe Biden’s meeting with Chinese leaders in Alaska was really not “the first tangible sign that something had gone wrong (“Biden showing weakness both at home and abroad,” Web, March 27). It has been obvious for years that Biden was not a viable candidate for the most important job in the world.

But it is not the voters who have “given the reins to a senescent career politician and a junior senator,” but rather the deliberate censorship of print media, TV and big-tech algorithms that have deliberately misinformed the public, withheld the facts and fabricated untruths at will in favor of their own choices.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg reportedly spent $400 million in swing states to influence the election — yet American author and film producer Dinesh D’Souza was sentenced to five years work release for contributing $20,000 to a candidate. Why is that?

Most voters have no direct contact with candidates and can only go by what they read and hear. They are easily manipulated by the vicious media sources responsible for this debacle.

Information about Hunter Biden’s collusion with the Chinese is non-existent. Mike Lindell’s video, “Absolute Proof,” contains momentous evidence of election fraud — well-researched, well-documented and well-informed. More than 4.3 million votes in six states remain in question, but this fact has been rejected out of hand and buried, even scorned by the Supreme Court. Seventy-five million voters are not happy with that.



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