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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to former President Trump, launched a conservative legal group this week aimed at working with Republican state attorneys general to fight the Biden administration’s policies. 

America First Legal has the backing of the former president and Trump administration allies like former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

“Anything the president does that we believe to be illegal is fair game,” Mr. Miller said.

After seeing the success of liberal groups like the American Civil Liberties Union in halting the Trump administration’s policies in the courts, Mr. Miller, who helped to lead the prior administration’s immigration policies, wants his group on the right to do the same. 

The ACLU sued the Trump administration 400 times in four years, challenging many of the former president’s policies related to immigration and abortion. 

Mr. Miller’s organization will team up with Republican state attorneys general, who have already launched several legal battles against the new administration.

About a dozen multi-state lawsuits have been filed against the new president’s policies, particularly focusing on his cancelation of the Keystone XL Pipeline, executive order on climate change, and immigration policies. They have also challenged the state tax cut hurdles tucked into the latest $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief plan.

Mr. Trump praised the efforts of his loyal adviser.

Stephen Miller is a fearless, principled fighter for the America First movement,” Mr. Trump said. “He has backbone, integrity, and never gives up. As we know, the radical Left has been relentless in waging their battles in court. conservatives and America First supporters badly need to catch up and turn the tables, which is why I applaud Stephen and Mark Meadows for rushing to fill this critical void. The era of unilateral legal surrender must end—and I hope all America First patriots will get behind America First Legal.”

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