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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The conservative Judicial Crisis Network is targeting President Biden’s judicial nominees in a new million-dollar ad blitz starting Tuesday. 

Last week, Mr. Biden announced his initial 11 judicial nominees for appellate court, district court, and superior court vacancies. 

The Judicial Crisis Network has responded by spending $1 million to run ads in Arizona, Georgia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., that rip the nominees as “politicians in robes.” 

“Far-left billionaires and liberal dark money groups went all in, they spent record amounts electing Biden, building the Democrats their bare majority in the Senate, and now, they are getting what they paid for — a bench of radical, activist judges,” a narrator said in the 30-second ad. “Biden is delivering a list of politicians in robes, who would transform the country, ignore the people, and shred the Constitution. Tell the Senate: Paying back secret donors, ignoring the Constitution, it’s no way to pick judges.”

Arizona, Georgia, and West Virginia all feature conservative audiences in states whose senators will play a key role in determining whether a judicial nominee is confirmed by a senate divided evenly, 50-50, among Republicans and Democrats. 

The Judicial Crisis Network has previously mounted several campaigns in support of and against judicial picks. In 2016, the group spent $2 million on ads opposing President Obama’s pick to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, then-Judge Merrick Garland. 

Under former President Trump, the conservative group worked to support his judicial picks, particularly his three Supreme Court nominees that were confirmed by the Senate. 

The group’s criticism of “dark money” groups backing Mr. Biden’s judicial picks refers to groups that are not required to disclose their donors. The Judicial Crisis Network is also not required to disclose its donors.

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