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Friday, April 2, 2021

Former President Donald Trump had a hand in helping Ted Nugent decide on the name of his next record, “Handsome Devil,” the rock guitarist and gun rights activist revealed in a recent interview.

Mr. Nugent explained during an episode of the “Bolling with Favre” podcast released Wednesday that “Handsome Devil” is what Mr. Trump called him when their paths crossed on the campaign trail.

Speaking with former Fox News host Eric Bolling and retired football star Brett Favre, Mr. Nugent recalled being in the crowd for campaign rallies held for Mr. Trump‘s re-election campaign last year.

“And he would always acknowledge me,” Mr. Nugent said about Mr. Trump. “He goes, ‘Hey, where’s that Ted Nugent? Well, there he is. Ted, we’re so glad you’re here. You know you’re a handsome devil.’”

“And so my new record’s going to be called ‘Ted Nugent, Handsome Devil’,” Mr. Nugent continued. “And we actually have the audio of the president saying that.”

Mr. Nugent, 71, performed guitar on stage at some rallies held for Mr. Trump last year in the musician’s home state of Michigan. He also previously served as a contributor for The Washington Times.

Blabbermouth, a music website, first reported about the forthcoming record title.

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