Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Tops in the extremist strategy for transforming U.S. culture is the effort to convince the 63% of Americans born with a light complexion that they are guilty of the secular sin of “White privilege.” Condemning a whole class of people based on their skin color, rather than their conduct, is the very definition of racism. For that reason, the undertaking is un-American and deserves to be discarded.

Fortunately, President Trump has recognized that the malevolent philosophy of “White privilege” lies at the heart of critical race theory diversity training that has been inculcated in federal agencies. And he has rightly called for a halt in the spending of taxpayer dollars on such programs, for which one consultant alone has reaped $5 million in federal funds since 2006.

Included in the ban are “divisive, anti-American programs instructing employees that “virtually all White people contribute to racism” or gatherings where they are required to say that they “benefit from racism,” according to a memo released Friday by Office and Management and Budget Director Russell Vought, first reported in The Washington Times.

Critical race theory has evolved into a form of secular religion meant to weaken long-standing Judeo-Christian values, which have served as the nation’s philosophical underpinning. Though they are loath to admit it, even the secularists intent on desecrating America exhibit fervor for a form of religious cleansing. Obligating fellow citizens to undergo race-based self-criticism in the office is not too different from the rite of confession, during which repentful parishioners may be relieved of their sins. Unlike the recent experience of Uncle Sam’s flock, confession for Christians is voluntary.

To be sure, a preponderance of White people viewed themselves as superior to persons of color once upon a time. But eight generations have come and gone since the end of slavery and three since the advent of civil right laws. The notion of “White privilege” is an anachronism, and no forced indoctrination by always-angry race theorists will convince common-sense Americans to judge themselves and others on the basis of skin color.

Unfortunately, there are individuals who are particularly susceptible to the influence of the race-obsessed. The example comes to mind of Jessica Krug, the White George Washington University professor who pretended to be Black in order to be part of the trendy “in” crowd. If there are Blacks out there somewhere adopting a new racial identity, they are surely finding out that the “White privilege” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Mr. Trump frequently reminds audiences that in America, “We don’t worship government. We worship God.” Now that he has halted government-ordered confession, the “progressive” race hustlers will need to find a new sanctuary for their divisive propaganda.

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