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Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Michael Caputo, the leading communications guy at the Department of Health and Human Services, delivered some bombshell advice to American citizens during a recent Facebook Live video that went like this: Buy ammo. ‘Cause when President Donald Trump wins reelection, his Democratic rival Joe Biden won’t concede.

Then Caputo accused some scientists within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of using the coronavirus to unite in “resistance” against Trump.

And here’s the interesting part: Caputo actually makes sense.

After all: Aren’t the coronavirus curves, for the most part, flattened? Aren’t the hospitals, for the most part, empty? Aren’t the case counts, for the most part, representative more of numbers of full recoveries and asymptomatic than “oh no, we’re gonna die!” infections? Why yes, yes they are.

Yet, there are those — mostly in Democratic Party camps — who want schools to stay closed, face masks to stay on and whole economies to lay latent.

It’s like the science says one thing. And the government scientists — the ones Caputo accused of creating a “resistance unit” against Trump, that is — say another.

These career scientists, as Capitol characterized them, as reported by The Hill, “haven’t gotten out of their sweatpants except for meetings at coffee shops [to plot] how they’re going to attack Donald Trump. There are scientists who work for this government who do not want America to get well, not until after Joe Biden is president.”

They’re in the state governments, as well. That’s not Caputo saying that; that’s recent headlines showing that.

“Audio: LA County health Director Says Schools Won’t Reopen Until After November Election,” CBS 2 reported from Los Angeles.

“LA County schools won’t reopen until ‘after the election,’ health director says,” Fox News reported.

There’s an interesting admission, yes? It kind of outright, pretty much, yes indeed sends the message that the coronavirus is being used to score political points. For Biden. Against Trump.

And guess what: The good people of America don’t really appreciate being played that way. After all, closures due to COVID-19 are leaving families in shatters; businesses shuttered; church congregations spread far and wide; and more. The list of government overreaches in recent times has been long. Civil rights, anyone? Seriously, that’s become the left’s biggest shoulder shrug moment in all this COVID-19 madness. Democrats, Democratic governors, Democratic Party operatives and pundits and leaders and members of the media have all used the health emergency to shackle American citizens, to shackle the Constitution, to shove executive orders down the face-masked mouths of free, independent individuals.

And they’ve done it largely to undercut Trump’s historically chugging economy — which hey now, what have we here now, but coincidentally and curiously, it’s the economy, stupid, that’s become the top concern to voters this campaign season.

Biden, from the deep wells of his basement, smells opportunity. His handlers smell opportunity. The Kamala Harris administration — the one that’s apparently supplanted the Joe Biden bumper sticker administration — smells opportunity.

With all the violence in the streets, with all the leftists tossing bricks at police in the streets and all the Democrats standing by and watching in silence, it’s a fair-to-certain guess Trump will win this November. But as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already hinted — Biden should not concede on election night “under any circumstances,” she recently said.

That’s when Caputo warns all you-know-what could break loose.

“When Donald Trump refuses to stand down at the inauguration,” Caputo said, “the shooting will begin. If you carry guns, buy ammunition, ladies and gentlemen, because it’s going to be hard to get.”

He also warned thusly: “Remember the Trump supporter who was shot and killed? That was a drill.”

Jaw. Drop.

Eyes wide.

But Caputo makes some good points. Civil war could very well be on the way if-slash-when Trump wins, if-slash-when Biden refuses to concede, if-slash-when the career politically charged scientists in the federal government ramp up coronavirus tensions further, if-slash-when the left leaners and anti-Trumpers in the media take the spoon-fed COVID-19 fears and run with them.

This is America 2020. Land of the leftist-fueled violence in the streets. Politically speaking, anything can happen — including civil war. So yes, word to the patriotic wise: Buy ammo. And buy lots.

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